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Cadence Candle Co

Sweet Life


THE VIBES: Amber, Almond Blossom, and Musk. This warm and floral scent includes fragrant notes of sweet almond, almond blossom, and cashmere musk. "The Vibes" will bring you 9 ounces of BLOSSOMING, Spring aroma. This candle's peeking base note of musk draws the floral scents warmer, and deeper. This is more than a surface level candle, it's a 'VI B E' Matches included.

Scent: Sea Salt + Jasmine.

About Cadence Candle:

Feeling stressed? Turn to Cadence Candle. Cadence incorporates musical experiences with each of their candles so you can have a thoughtful and insightful experience when you light one of their scents. Each one of their hand-poured candles is made with a unique blend of fragrances and comes with a handcrafted playlist that can be accessed via QR code scan. Transforming the mind and body, this female-founded brand is all about transcending into a peaceful place and recognizing the healing powers of scent and sound.

Verticale Value Set:

Women's Empowerment: Cadence is female-founded company and member of the Female Founder Collective.

Reducing Waste: A partner of Plastic, Design & Manufacturing, Inc, Cadence designs all of their capsules with 50% recycled materials and ensures that all of the packagings their products comes in is 100% recyclable. They are also a partner of Envision Plastics, an organization that works in communities to clean up and collect plastics on beaches, reducing waste and pollution on our planet.

Mind & Body Wellness: Cadence recognizes the power that scent and sound play in healing and rejuvenation. Burning a Cadence candle creates a euphoric experience, allowing you to relax and unwind however you feel comfortable.