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Open Spaces

Small Storage Bins - Set Of 2

Dark Green

Need a home for the little things in life that spread around the house and then get lost? Open Spaces' Small Bins are the perfect set. They come in a set of 2 and are versatile enough to play a role in any room. 

Product Details:
  • 2 Small Bins
  • 2 Wooden Lids
  • Made from hard plastic
Product Dimensions:
  • 8"L, 5.4"W, 3.54"H (3.9"H with lids)
About Open Spaces:

Open Spaces is on a mission to help our generation create space to enjoy through a considered line of beautiful organization essentials. Each product is highly versatile, carefully crafted from long-lasting materials, and has a lower environmental impact than the alternatives. While organization products traditionally are meant to be hidden out of sight, their line functions beautifully on display and can also be easily tucked away.

Verticale Value Set:

Philanthropic: As a member of the Pattern Brands family, Open Spaces commits 1% of their revenue to neighborhood-based organizations through Give One, an initiative created to help ensure everyone has access to basic needs like food, shelter, and equality.

Mind & Body Wellness: Rather than approaching organization as an added chore, Open Spaces believes organizing our homes can create the physical and mental space to be more mindful in our everyday habits and routines. They intend to approach organizing in a way that's empathetic, flexible, and more sustainable.

Responsible Materials: Open Spaces sustainability philosophy has two pillars: material selection and durability. They use post-consumer, post-industrial, and recycled materials whenever possible and aim to make their products and packaging recyclable as well. Their compressed felt is sourced from recycled plastic bottle fibers, and they've removed all single-use plastics from their products and packaging. Their goal is not for you to replace their products after every move; instead, they designed each item to move and grow with you, so you can consume and waste less over time.