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Tact & Stone

Pichu Alpaca Wool Sweater


A butter-soft, ultra-breathable, and ultimate comfort wool sweater that meets both luxury and sustainability. Hand-loomed in the Peru Highlands from alpaca that are humanely raised and farmed to enhance bio-diversity within the local ecosystem.

Product Details:

  • Fabric: Artisan and Fair-Trade sweater knit; 100% Baby Alpaca Wool
  • Make: Ethically made in Peru
Fit and Measurements: 

Classic fit. Model is 6'1", 165lbs and wears a Medium.

Sizing Guide

Care Instructions: 

Hand wash, lay flat to dry. Steam clean okay.

About Tact & Stone: 

Tact & Stone aims to rewrite the history of the fashion industries notoriously wasteful factors with their sustainably made clothing items that are both stylish and eco-friendly. With their mission to change MORE than just your wardrobe, all of their clothing is manufactured and created with our planet in mind. Through a circular fashion model that uses upcycling to produce their goods, Tact & Stone is able to create clothing that saves water, reduces emissions and waste, contributes to fair labor practices, and rewrites traditional and manufacturing practices. No longer do we have to sacrifice style to do good, Tact & Stone is the answer to sustainable clothing for men that is easy to wear and fashion-forward.

Verticale Value Set:

Responsible Materials: Tact & Stone garments are all designed using low impact materials with high-performance quality and they assure to work only with suppliers that meet their same high quality, fair practices, and environmental standards.

Reducing Waste: Through their upcycling model, Tact & Stone is able to reduce waste, and each clothing item quantifies how many water bottles were recycled in its production.

Ethical Production: Tact & Stone utilizes a circular strategy, and offers upcycling options so consumers won't just throw away their old clothes. This model improves the quality, efficiency, and value of each garment.